The goal of our laboratory is to understand how various biological phenomena (e.g., ion channels, dendritic spikes, synaptic clustering or theta sequences) contribute to the behaviorally relevant computations performed by the brain.

Somatic and dendritic response of a biophysical model to in vivo-like inputs and predictions of 1-layer and 2-layar hGLM models.

Our main focus is the hippocampus, a brain area known to be involved in episodic memory in humans and spatial navigation in rodents. More generally, the hippocampus is critical for model-based planning and predictions either in a Euclidean physical space or in a more abstract knowledge space.

We are building abstract or biophysically detailed computational models mostly at the single neuron level and analyse behavioral and neuronal data recorded in vivo and in vitro to bridge the gap between single neuron biophysics and behavior: to understand the role of dendritic processing in hippocampal model-based predictions.